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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

: Unknown identifier : Assets Haxe OpenFL

Having trouble with the global assets path in HAXE 3.0 / OPENFL.

Storing links here:

Getting message: : Unknown identifier : Assets

Instructions in openfl-readme.txt say:

    Place all your images, sounds, fonts in /assets and access them in your code using the
    global Assets class which abstracts assets management for all platforms:
        var img = new Bitmap(Assets.getBitmapData("assets/my-image.png"));
...Is... Parked?
Okay. One dead lead.

Mention of a .hxcpp_config.xml
File that needs to be configured. But only shows up when you target C++.
What is the C++ target? NEKO I am guessing?

More in the openfl-readme.txt:
- on mobile, Bitmap blitting is NOT performant,
    - use spritesheets and Tilesheet.drawTiles for optimal rendering performance.

"performant", never heard that word.

Okay... Need to pack up.
I'd like to make a simple Haxe App.
Because Haxe seems like an easier to work with tech stack than Android Studio.
Though I do like google and what they do.

-John Mark

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