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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Removed by Request.


Misty + Nate

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Imagine an epic explosion behind you and then I think this works.


So, I was thinking the style from the "Jumanji" cartoon that used to be on Nickelodeon a long time ago.


Robert... You don't look this evil in real life... I swear.


So, it looks kinda like your head is bleeding.
Honestly, I don't color thing in much.
Hence, all I had was a bright red marker and shades of grey to work with.

-John Mark


Last sign in... Last year?
My heart has been shattered into a million pieces.


I am also a fan of knives. I used to carry one every where I went.


Good structure can be derived from drawing through the form.
That said, how does it feel being undressed by a stranger?

Also, I like your pickup lines.
You should check out this thread of mine:


Tea is good. Tea is righteous. What is your favorite tea?


I must tell you. Text does not convey emotion very well... I definitely agree.
I am pretty good at accidentally convincing people I am a serial killer online.
Especially when they say they are into morbid humor. Never open a dialogue with someone
telling them how you taught a classroom full of kids how to bury someone alive...


I am honestly not sure who's hand that is.
One time my cousin picked my nose while I was sleeping.
Then he put the booger in my mouth.
I woke up and almost through up.

So I can verify that... Those jelly beans with the harry potter theme...
Yeah,the booger ones actually do taste like boogers.
Why the hell would anyone eat that candy?


How do you define properly fitting jeans?
I myself do not wear jeans because they do not allow the flexibility I require.
Do properly fitting jeans allow you to do the splits?


I think you could be a comic book villain. (Villainess?)


This one time I got my ass handed to me in something like a larping game...
Except more fast paced. What do you call it when you get foam swords and beat
each other into submission?

Well anyways, my friend Adam is like 6'7" and when he got ahold of a "sword" I panicked.
"Which sword does he have?"
"It doesn't matter! AAAAAAAH!!!!" *Runs away*


My grandma knits. My grandma is a badass.
My grandma sewed most of the dress shirts I own.
Is your grandma also a badass? Did she pass down
this sewing ability to you?


Caffeine is a hard word to spell.
I hear caffeine, nicotine, and morphine are related in the same
way that fructose and glucose are related.
That being, morphine is a more complex nicotine. Nicotine a more complex caffeine.