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Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Haxe Classes Not Found

Trying to figure out why I can't make my own class and import it in haxe.
So far I've found out this:

1. dont use upper cases, underscores, or numbers in your package folder names.
2. Possible that .hx file MUST start with a capital letter.

The parsing of packages is kind of weird, and you need to keep everything super simple...
Even with all of this... I Still don't have my stuff working just yet...
Will keep working on this, and cut/paste the links I've visited here.

//This is where I learned about the capitalization thing:

//A simple class definition example:

//About the import statement and resolution order:

//hmm... a manual add of the library?
//Could definitely be a case of "The IDE knows, but the compiler does not:"
  &lt name="openfl" />
  &gt name="task"/>

//hmm... that solution just led me to the error:
Could not find haxelib "hroot", does it need to be installed?

...So...I have to install libraries as well as include/import them?? WTF.

Hmm.. I remember something about adding your classes to the compiler options,
rather than to the class paths in haxe. Maybe that will lead me to the answer?

Maybe user classpath in the haxe context of the compiler options?
But I was told not to do that... That global class paths are a bad idea...
Hmm... Whatever...
I don't care about bad conventions right now.
Something working with a hack is better than nothing working with a "best" practice.

So, I think the problem is "compiler cant find my class haxe"
So, searching for that. Still having trouble. It has been about an hour of trouble shooting now.

Haxe seems like a really good idea.
But it is this kind of trouble shooting that makes me wonder if this is a stable platform that
will be around for a while.

Error: Could not find haxelib "hroot", does it need to be installed?

Hmm... looks like you may have to include a .json file at the root of your library?

//On: "you can't make good games in haxe" and blit5.

...Still can't find answer...
Maybe I should just give up and go to SDL and C++ and forget about all of the tech stack confusion of mobile? You know... Instead of focus on making a game on all of these different platforms... Just focus on making a good game for ONE platform?

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