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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I just want to make a damn class Haxe

I just want to make a class and import it into my project.
It has been over an hour of trouble shooting.

What I know:
1. Typical AS3 package conventions are not conventions in haxe, but rather rules.
To keep safe, keep all folders using only lowercase letters a-z.
All class names like MyClass.hx MUST start with capital letter.

Bad package structure:

Good package structure:

There seems to be some XML configuration that needs to happen as well...
As simply going into the project properties and adding "mylib" to your classpath
will not work.

The IDE will recognize it. But the compiler will not.
Something about a config file overriding whatever you do in those areas of the IDE.

I know you CANNOT use the IDE to configure haxe projects...
But what I exactly need to do, I am not sure.

I think it has to do with haxelib keywork inside of application.xml
And also having configuration files inside the root folder of your custom library folders.

Fuck this.
I don't want to deal with this kind of bullshit.
Haxe seems like a really good idea... But maybe it is time to learn straight c++?
And cut myself off from all these tech stack problems.

I mean, sure, I would still have a tech stack issue.
But lets not forget that haxe is built with C++ and C.

In the end... There is no magic tool if you have a very specific vision...

I need to think on this.

-John Mark

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