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Monday, May 12, 2014

Time to up my game with C++

I have mastered AS3/Flash ActionScript over the course of 3 or so years.
It is now time to move on to a more stable technology so I can stop playing
musical chairs with my education.

C++ is my choice.

Some people are moving to Unity over Flash AS3.
But I anticipate Unity screwing every over just like Flash has screwed over developers.
Maybe if I find a way to port my code from C++ to unity I will do it.

But I am not going to focus on a "proprietary" language that someone can pull the strings on and make collapse like a house of cards.

This blog will be used to monitor my C++ progress.

Current SDL Progress:

SFML Progress: None
OpenGL Progress: None

I think learning all 3 at once will help me be better informed as to which technology to eventually pursue for making games in. It will also help me get used to setting up the compiler and figuring out how I need to structure the C++ section of my code library.

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