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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SFML no way. More SDL

Did another SDL tutorial today.
Couldn't focus on it. But just setup the code and ran it.
Getting pretty good at remembering how to setup includes, lib, linker, system type, and code generation within my project settings.

This link will help me avoid debugging errors:

The last lesson I did from this list was 07.

Burnt a disc of music for Tyler woods to give him inspiration. Now will need to mail it to him.

C++ flash cards might be of use to me.
A "What's been done today" list may also be useful.
Though I have this blog.

But what if what I do on a given day does not involve a computer?
Will need to think about it.

Feeling burnt out and scatter brained today.

Should write down how focused I feel in my planner so I can see any patterns.
Wish I could force myself to focus. But I cannot.

Got menus to "doze off" (partially destroy themselves) when they are non-visible in my game.
Tomorrow I want to release a new beta. Should make screen shots today.

And should get Amanda back onto messaging testers.

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