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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ran into computer slow down because of DLLHost when playing MP4 files:

SFML Research:

This was my problem:
Probably going to download this sofware:
Hello, Microsoft will not help you with this problem, but I will.
 I had the same problem, I solved it completelly and in 2 minutes:

The problem appears when dllhost.exe attempts to create a thumbnail of an mp4 file, but for some reason cannot complete the task, and starts reading the hard drive non stop and filling all phisical Ram, and starts using the swap file (virtual memory file wich uses hard drive space as ram memory), slowing down or freezing the computer.
The cause is probably an error in the integrated mp4 windows codecs.

Anyway, the solution is to download and install a freeware program wich generates all video files thumbnails instead of windows. It even creates thumbails of flash (flv) files!

You can download it from this link:

Or googleing Media Preview
After the installation is complete, simply enable all the video files thumbnail  options and done.
Problem solved. You do not even need to restart the computer.

Before you install it you should kill the dllhost.exe if it is running. After the installation, just open a folder or select a file to see the thumbnails generate quickly and without any problems.

If you have the tasks monitor open, you will see the dllhost appear while the thumbnails are being generated, and then it will disappear. It will never exeed 20.000kb.

Done and done.

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue.


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