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Friday, March 25, 2011

Animation Export Solution Found

BACK STORY: -------------------------------
If you link say... A bone to a circle..
And then animate that circle...
And then bake out the keyframes of the BONE... You will NOT get any animation
to show up in the engine when you export the mesh and the bone.

Why? Because when an object is linked in 3DSmax, the controller values never change.

Try this:
Put a bone at [0,0,0] and then link it to something. Animate that something.
Then select the bone and execute the script:


At different intervals along the timeline.

You will get the same value of [0,0,0] no matter where the bone is.

Put a script controller in a dummy object that controls ALL the linking constraints
for all the objects you want to export. The animation will now export properly.

Currently working on a script that will replace all linked child object's controllers
with a script controller.

I am calling it "ConvertLinkedChildrenToPuppets".

I already did a quick "by hand" test of my solution, so I know it works.
Time to start coding.

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