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Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughts on Efficiency

Next After Effects Video Guidlines:

1. Split up into multiple after-effects files.
2. Do NOT offset your music file EVER. It makes lining up footage from multiple
files really difficult.
3. Main comp should be named A01_MAIN_P# ex(A01_MAIN_P2)
A01 == So your main comp can be easily found at top of library.
MAIN == So you know it is your MAIN comp for this after effects file.
P2 == It is PART two of your overall collection. (Music video split over multiple files)

4. Pick out ALL fonts before you begin.
5. Make a dope sheet of the ENTIRE song.
6. Test the dope sheet to make sure it is accurate by flicking on and off a SOLID
to the lyrics. (And also make it change color if neccessary.
7. Make a BEAT sheet. Same as dope sheet. But look for patterns in the music.
Test in similiar way to dope sheet. Change the SOLID's color depending on what section of the music vid you are in.

8. Make a grid. Do thumbnails on gridpaper of the same resolution.
Then make sure your thumbs match the final.

NOT sure about number 9.
9. Make a signle comp with the text doing exactly what you want it to do. No effects. Just correct font, correct size, and correct animation.

1 comment:

  1. P.S.
    When using image sequence, interpret the footage framerate to match up with the comp frame rate.
    Otherwise your frames will not sync up.
    A bit ridiculous, since you think each image in the sequence would automatically count for one frame.